Making a hotter fire isn’t

rocket science.

Fireplace Grates

It’s physics.


The Texas Fireframe® grate was invented by PhD physicist
Dr. Lawrence Cranberg for greater fireplace efficiency,
using split or unsplit logs.

Put the laws of physics to work in your fireplace, and discover how easy it is to start and maintain a fire that produces much more heat compared to conventional fireplace grates. How does it work? This unique grate has two adjustable arms that open up the hottest part of the fire to the room. In our Instructions, we even show you how to build a fire and arrange logs of different sizes to produce the most heat.

See what a hotter fire looks like, and learn how to build a fire – video below. (New logs are added at the 9:40 mark.)

No wonder the press was impressed. The Texas Fireframe grate was featured in news stories on CBS and BBC. TIME magazine dubbed it “The Physicist’s Fire.” Better Homes and Gardens said it “opens up the hottest part of the fire and beams heat straight out into the nearby living spaces.” Here’s how Scientific American described the ease and efficiency of this fire grate: “The burning was slower with this arrangement…and required no rotation or stirring of the logs.”

Other fireplace grates make similar claims. But the Texas Fireframe grate is the first and only method of fire-making based on modern thermodynamic theory, and the only one that was patented and described in referenced scientific literature.* All of our fire grates are made in the U.S.A. of heavy duty, hot-rolled steel, and have been known to stand up to 25 years of fires. And we’ve introduced Extra Heavy Duty fireplace grates for our customers who build very frequent fires or who like to keep a fire going from morning til night. Our fireplace grates accommodate split or unsplit logs up to 9″ in diameter. Also available in custom sizes to fit any fireplace.


Optional, add-on finials and pedestal bases give the two uprights the look of elegant andirons. See all styles here.  Hotter than fireplace heaters and much less expensive than fireplace inserts, the Texas Fireframe grate is the perfect housewarming present, holiday gift, or addition to your own fireplace if you love a hot, easy-to-light, simple-to-maintain log burning fire. It delivers 5 kw of radiant power with significantly improved efficiency of biomass compared to the conventional fireplace grate. (That means you’re getting more heat from each log burned.) Once you experience the ease and warmth of the “Physicist’s Fire,” you’ll understand our customers’ grate reviews.

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A physics professor who restored an ancient hearth and chimney stone by stone told us he chose the Texas Fireframe grate “to keep the beauty and charm of an open fire while enhancing efficiency.” We couldn’t have stated it better. Scientists and engineers often mention their professions when they place an order, and we’re pleased to have their endorsement.

Not surprisingly, our fireplace grates are also popular among architects because they merge energy efficiency with the aesthetic appeal of a real wood-burning fire, without tubes, inserts and unsightly contraptions. As Einstein is credited as saying, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” The Texas Fireframe grate has been called “deceptively simple.”

This winter, bring the warmth, ease and beauty of the “Physicist’s Fire” into your home. When you do, we look forward to hearing about your experience. Let us hear from you!

*Lawrence Cranberg, “Domestic Fire and its Improvement: Qualitative Insights,” American Journal of Physics, Vol. 49, No. 6 (June, 1983): 596-599. (Available upon request)