How to Choose the Right Size Grate

(Measure twice, order once!)

Whether your fireplace is small, medium or large, your Texas Fireframe grate will deliver big heat with little effort. You can choose from four grate sizes, or have acustom grate made to your exact specs. Our Standard grate fits most fireplaces. Please feel free to give us a call at (877) 806-6464 if you’re not sure which size is right for your fireplace.

Dr. Lawrence Cranberg - Research Physicist
  1. Compact grate
    18” wide in front, 14 1/4” deep,  13” wide in back, 13” high.
  2. Compact grate  SL(Shallower/Lower) 18” wide in front, 11 1/4” deep,
    13” wide in back, 12” high.
  3. Standard grate
    26” wide in front, 14 1/4” deep,
    21” wide in back, 15” high.
  4. Large grate
    34” wide in front, 16 1/4” deep,
    29” wide in back, 15” high.


There should be at least 3” from the front of your grate to the back of the masonry at the upper opening of your fireplace (or to the black metal strip known as a smoke guard.) You may need to push your grate against the back wall of the fireplace in order to achieve the 3-inch clearance needed to prevent smoke from entering the room. If you have an unusually deep fireplace, you may wish to order a custom grate that’s deeper and holds more wood. If you have an unusually shallow fireplace, consider our Compact SL grate.

Measure the width at the front of your fireplace – where it’s widest. We recommend at least 3” of clearance on either side of your grate. Then measure the back width to ensure that the grate you select will fit in back as well.

If the front opening of your fireplace is 18” or less in height, our Compact SL grate or a custom grate with shorter legs is recommended.

Wood Supply:

If a Large grate would fit your fireplace but your logs are 18” or less in length, you may prefer a Standard grate. (Even though a Large grate can hold logs as short as 13”, this size grate looks better when holding longer logs.) Some wood suppliers are willing to deliver longer logs if you make the request.

Extra Heavy Duty Grates

All Texas Fireframe grates are available in two weights. How often you build a fire will help you determine if you need an Extra Heavy Duty grate. Learn more here.