Customers’ Grate Reviews

The steady flow of letters and e-mails we’ve received from satisfied customers over the past 40 years warms our hearts nearly as much as the Texas Fireframe ® grate warms the hearth. To our customers, we say thank you.  Dr. Cranberg, inventor of the Texas Fireframe grate, passed away in 2011 at age 94, but it was letters such as these that always made his day.

One of our customers created a very compelling video demonstration of his Texas Fireframe grate at his home in Long  Island, NY.   In a comment underneath, he added “I did this experiment another time after keeping it running for longer and the thermometer broke 130 right in front of the fireplace. It also broke the thermometer.”  (Regarding the shipping delay he described, most customers receive their grates within 2-5 business days of placing their order, including custom orders.)


“Had to stand 3 feet away to feel the heat with the old grate. Now we feel the heat 15 feet away. Love it!! Thermostat set at 65 and hasn’t been on for hours. It’s 2 degrees outside.”
–D Casey, Omaha, Nebraska


“I was astounded!… The increase in heat output is remarkable…the temperature in the room increases from 7 to 12 degrees with the [Texas Fireframe grate] over the temperature with a regular grate. I find that all your claims are true, if not understated.”
–L. Isaacson, Berrien Springs, Michigan


“Works perfect. I literally cannot believe how much heat this fireplace is putting out right now! This [Compact] grate was worth every penny. I’m going to recommend this to all my friends who have fireplaces. If I sit 6 feet in front of our small fireplace I can’t comfortably sit there its so hot. So happy with this purchase. Way cheaper than paying for a wood stove and wood stove insert for the chimney. We will definitely be able to heat our cabin with just wood this winter. 7 very small split logs raised the entire cabin 10 degrees within 30- 40 minutes. Thanks for this simple amazing product!”

His follow-up email: “Did the first “two batch” fire last night where I reloaded it from the front. It got even hotter because of the coals at the bottom. Incredible. Thanks again! Already convinced my friend who has 2 fireplaces to buy 2 grates.”
–M. Palma, Forest, Virginia


“Received my Texas Fireframe [grate] today. Put my Grate Wall of Fire in the garage. Started the first fire with only newspaper, no more kindling, and fire starters. Looking forward to the rest of our New England winter.”
–J. Poz, Unionville, Connecticut


“We received the Texas Fireframe today. At 9:00 PM I set up the fire using whole logs only and within 30 minutes I had the best fire that I’ve ever had in the 30 years we’ve lived here! This fire has surpassed all my expectations. My wife loves it! Our house is warm and our central heater is off. I will be spreading the word. Happy New Year.
P.S. My granddaughter brought me some marshmallows and we sat in my Lazyboy and roasted marshmallows from 4 feet away. It is crazy how far this grate sends out the heat. We all love it.”
–R. Smith, Jacksonville, Florida


“Sunday, I maintained the main level at 72 degrees with an outdoor temp of 26! Awesome! That was with the central heating off.”
–D. St. Laurent, Mulmar, Ontario, Canada


“The Texas Fireframe delivers! I hauled it (and it’s heavy) via car and boat to the cabin on Crane Lake MN. I also have one in my house in Seattle and I had one in my house when I lived in Denver in the 1990’s.”
–Dennis C., Seattle, Washington


“We had an outdoor fireplace put in at the end of December 2018 and did research on grates and stumbled onto your site. The customer service was fabulous in helping me decide what size I needed. Never having a fireplace before, I needed all the help I could get. Once we lit our first fire we couldn’t believe how much heat came out. Being outside with no walls around it was amazing! This is the best thing I have ever bought. Honestly you can sit 8/10 feet away from the fireplace and feel the heat. We absolutely love it!”
–K. Debevc, Granite City, Illinois


“This product does what it says. I have an incredible amount of heat coming out of the fireplace which I didn’t before. I will tell all my friends and family. Thank you.”
–M. Livesay, Potomac, Maryland


“I have to say I did a lot of homework trying to find the right fire grate. But ended up going with the Texas Fireframe [grate]. I used it for the first time on Thanksgiving and let me tell you the best grate ever. No smoke and the extreme heat coming from the fireplace with the new grate is amazing. Worth every penny. Don’t hesitate with this purchase. Excellent product from the minute I ordered to setting it up and using it. Thank you so much.”
–R. McGhee, Bridgeport, Connecticut


“I’ve had mine a little over a week and oh what a difference it makes!”
–C. Misuraca, Natchitoches, Louisianna


“I purchased the fire grate and I have been using now for several weeks. Honestly, I have never had a fire start so easily and it burns evenly and produces a hot fire. The wood burns so thoroughly, I hardly have any ash to contend with at all. I have had to buy a new grate yearly and I am hoping this one does not need replacing on a yearly basis. It appears to be of the highest quality and I am doubtful I will be needing to replace it anytime soon. If you are looking for a great grate (!) I highly recommend investing in one of these.”
–C. Stewart, Thermopolis, Wyoming


“Wow, it is as advertised! I love it. I’m a science geek myself and love the history, science and function of your father’ s invention.”
–C.Antipas, Stony Brook, New York


“We have had a Texas Firefame [grate] sine 1984! The Texas Fireframe we have just gave way. We’re not complaining. I think we got our money’s worth with 34 years of use! We love the [Texas] Fireframe [grate] and look forward to receiving our new one. I always sing its praises.”
–G. Martin Lansdale, Pennsylvania

NOTE: According to a follow-up email, Mr. Martin used his grate two to three times per week during the cold season. This may have set a record for the longest-lived Texas Fireframe grate! And it was not even our heavy duty model. Life of grate varies from 8 to 34 years, depending on use. To extend the life of your grate, do not let the ashes pile high enough for the red hot coals to be in contact with the underside of the grate.


“It’s truly a remarkable product.”
–R. Parrish, Cincinnati, Ohio


“When it came time for my parents to move to assisted living, they asked my sisters and me to clear out the house and take anything we wanted. There was only one thing in that house I specifically wanted, the [Texas Fireframe] grate, and the day we arrived to clear out, I found that was the one thing that my father had already given away to a friend! I am so excited to have my own now. (It arrived yesterday.) Ironically or appropriately, it is a (self-selected) gift from my father. I look forward to many happy fires and thank you for your excellent grate (and your packaging policy!)” [Our grates are shipped unboxed with no packaging to be kinder to the environment.]”
–S. Almeida, Chelmsford Massachusettes


“Our kitchen fireplace was custom designed with a built-in rotisserie to allow for wood fired cooking. Unfortunately, we soon discovered that a traditional fireplace grate sent too much of the heat up the flue instead of radiating it out toward the spit, producing long cooking times and poor results. That’s when I began a search for a better solution and came across the Texas Fireframe grate. I promptly ordered and received a standard model and tested it out this past weekend with a simple garlic-lemon rotisserie chicken. What a difference this grate makes! Much more heat is vented toward the room (and the food) and the staggered log height allows for consistent and quick roasting. As a bonus, the fire simply looks more beautiful too. I’ve attached some pictures of our firstcook. Thanks so much for a perfectly-designed product that performs exactly as represented!”
–D. Williams, Park City, Utah


“This is the second year we used your fire grate. Living in Michigan in January can be pretty cold and we are very pleased with the heat and that we can use unsplit wood. Our boys love to warm themselves by the fire. Thank you for a great product.”
–G. Chezam, Grand Rapids, Michigan


“Over the past 20+ years, I have purchased eight Texas Fireframe [grates] and probably am responsible for another half dozen or so being sold to family and friends! A wonderful invention that I still get questions about and send folks to your website.”
–W.C., East Haddam, Connecticut


“Love our grate so much, we’re buying a second for inside! Hooked! Love it.”
–K. Enloe, Fredericksburg, Virginia


“I am so pleased with my Texas Fireframe grate!!! I wish I had found this years ago.It arrived just in time for the early cold snap and I am happily sitting by my warm
little fire. This grate really does open up the fire and put out heat and it is so easy to use. The fire pretty much maintains itself. Thank you so much. I am going to tell everyone I know about it.”
–J. Blankenship, Bristow, Virginia


“I absolutely love it! It does exactly what it says! There was so much heat coming from that fireplace I couldn’t even stand in front of it (which is where I would normally be with my old grate). My entire downstairs was warm from one fire. And I didn’t have to keep moving logs to maintain the fire, all I had to do was keep adding wood. I’m so glad that I found your site! Please let your dad know he has another satisfied customer! I’ll never ever buy from anyone else. Thank you so much!
–C. Ellis,   Fairburn, Georgia



“We’ve had a Texas Fireframe grate for 20 years at our house in the Berkshires and we love it! After losing power for five days here in NewJersey, I need to get some heat out of this fireplace too. Please send one more grate.”
–Jerry Green, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

“At the time I started the fire, the temperature in my cabin was about 45 degrees F.,                                                                       and after about one hours time, the temperature had skyrocketed to 82 degrees F.!”
–J. White, Mill City, Oregon

“Having used the Texas Fireframe [grate] for nearly 40 years in six homes, I can say with confidence that it is the best fireplace system available.
Know that we have spread the warmth to Pewaukee, WI, Wrentham, MA, Decatur, GA, and Cherry Log, GA so far in our family!”
–D. Clark, Rochester, Massachusetts

“Best fireplace accessory I ever bought.”
–W. Brandt,  Brookfield, Illinois

“When I was a child, we had one of these grates in our home. I remember the amazing amount of heat its unique design generated. After recently moving to Alaska, where the need for good fires is obvious, I began searching the internet to try and find the same grate with the unique design exposing the heart of the fire to the room. My search led me to the discovery of the exact same grate we had in our home when I was a child! I am happy to report it is functioning just as amazingly as I remembered. Thanks again for your prompt service and excellent product.”
–Stephen Settle, MD, PhD, Anchorage, Alaska

“Even here in the south it gets cold and I burn a fire non stop when temps are below 40… using about 4 cords of wood last winter…it has been the best grate by far!”
–A. Hamel, Vestavia, Alabama

“WOW!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! I can’t believe how incredibly well your grate works – how effortless, how efficient, how ingenious I’m amazed! Our living room is warm (maybe even hot?) for the first time all winter. And keeping the fire burning – which was my primary impetus for researching new grates – is so easy and simple. With our old grate we had to re-light the fire, poke it & prod it constantly and still it wouldn’t stay lit. With your grate, I used 1 match to light 1 newspaper “ring” and we’ve been enjoying a roaring hot fire for the past 2 hours. I keep saying “That’s Science!” to my family, with a huge smile on my face.”
–Jef K., Brooklyn, New York Owner of the smallest custom Texas Fireframe grate we’ve made: just 10″ deep and 18″ wide

“It’s only been 2 days, but I am so impressed with this grate!! I’ve been debating spending $160 (with shipping) for weeks now when the one I had was only $25. Well, I shouldn’t have hesitated. This thing is amazing. I was never able to sustain a flame with the old grate. I kept having to use sticks and kindling to keep the fire going. Now, the flame doesn’t go out!!”
–J. “LaVig,” Aberdeen, New Jersey

“We have used the Texas Fireframe for over 25 years since…the mid 1980’s. One particularly cold winter season, we burned 3 full cords, when we lived in Memphis. The way we consistently use the Texas Fireframe is: reverse the bedroom ceiling fans so that the warmth from the family room fireplace is circulated throughout the house, from the heat output of the Texas Fireframe grate. It seems to equalize the temperature in all the rooms. Sometimes we turn on only the furnace fan and the entire home can stay comfortable for hours. PS OUR SON AND THEIR FAMILY in Columbia JUST GOT THEIR FIRST TEXASFIRE FRAMETHIS WEEK and we will all be gathered around it this Thanksgiving enjoying its special kind of warmth with our family of 21, adults and grandchildren.”
–N. and T. Britt, Columbia, Tennessee

“I love mine so much I talk about it all winter…My daughter in Portland, OR asked us for this as a Christmas gift.”
–Bruce Knowles, Williamsburg, Virginia

“I saw one of your Texas Fireframe grates at a friend’s house, so when I built my new house, I got one. I love it so – we just about never turn on the central heat; it is SO easy to start a fire and that fire puts out so much heat we had to put rollers on our living room chairs so we can roll them back as the fireplace heats up. I’m now purchasing one for my wonderful 91 year old father who loves his fireplace in Albany NY and will be ecstatic about this great grate! “
–Claudia R., Austin, Texas

“I am a self-described fire junky. Having grown up in the Chicago area, I’ve had a love (and need) of fires my whole life and, even now, in the southern US. Over the years, I’ve tried close to a dozen different grates.ENTER the Texas Fireframe this month. The simplicity of the design coupled with its effectiveness is utter brilliance. After following the instructions provided online on “how to” lay the logs, I had never experienced how maintenance-free the fire both began and endured. So long as contact is maintained between the logs, the furnace effect was like I’ve not ever seen. This is one amazing product! I wish I had known about the company years earlier… I just didn’t think a grate would have this much “influence” in building the perfect fire.”
–J. Lazinski, Hilton Head, South Carolina

“I was a high school physics teacher and the story on the Texas Fireframe website is spot on. Creating the space for air to enter the logs is the only way to get a quality fire every time. There is absolutely nothing else like this is on the market. And, as a result, nothing I’ve tried in the hearth has ever worked so consistently and so well.”
–Dave B., Ph.D., Indianapolis, Indiana

“Had our first opportunity for a fire a few days ago and the grate was wonderful…It was so good that I plan to add one to our inside (prefab) fireplace as well.”
–R. Gardner, Homewood, Alabama

“We christened the grate tonight and the fire started immediately. We love it – thank you.”
–T. Doak, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

“Almost everyone who comes into our homes is so impressed with our Texas Fireframe grates and the heat they project into the room that they go home and order one for their own enjoyment.”
–Mr. and Mrs. John M. Kelly, St. Helena, California

“I have never seen a fireplace with the ability to disperse heat as rapidly and as intensely as ours does with the Texas Fireframe grate.  It’s very obvious it does exactly as your advertisements and testimonies say.  Our living room is 15 1/2 ‘ x
16 1/2 and the Texas Fireframe will bring the temp up 8 to 10 degrees before you can bat an eye!”
–Dr. James Harper, Covington, Georgia

“WOW !!!! Better than expected.
Send me another.
You saved me $ 4200.00 for the inserts! THANKS
LOVE American ingenuity.”
–G. Henderson, Bonsall, California

“…this is the 2nd Texas Fireframe grate in our family’s history. We bought what would now be your standard, normal grate back in 1977 when we were living in Colorado. Used it til we moved to Hawaii in 1991 and passed it on to our son who uses it constantly through the winter in Georgia…the new heavy duty [Texas Fire]frame is a Christmas present that should last him for the rest of his life! … Your dad really was a visionary and his invention is fantastic.

…We Zehngraff’s are true believers in your Texas Fireframe and the delightfully hot hearth fires they produce. I’m so glad we learned about your grates those many years ago.”
–J. Zehngraff, Kailua, Hawaii 

“It is the greatest fireplace invention since the discovery of wood matches.”
— R. Seiden, Berkeley, California
“It is the most effective fireplace grate ever! I go through firewood at a serious pace, but the efficiency of the Texas Fireframe I’m getting all of the BTUs out of that wood and into heating my home! Many thanks for being a GRATE INVENTOR!”
— D. Lindsay, Santa Barbara, California


“Yesterday, I started a fire with my thermostat set at 66. The center of the house (living room, dining room, kitchen, sitting room and loft) is 18 x 28 with 23 ft loft ceilings. After two hours the temperature was 74! It is crazy good. Thanks…”
–J. Collette, Highlands, North Carolina


“Your Texas Fireframe grate has made a difference with every fire we built. We make a fire every night and your great invention has made such a difference for us. Please send four more.”
— C. McCarthy, Potomac, Maryland


“We have been long time lovers of your fabulous [Texas] Fireframe grate – for over 20 years it held a prominent place in our fireplace. We recently moved into a home that, to our delight, necessitates the purchase of two (2) additional grates. Living through winters in Buffalo, NY is made much better with several fireplaces!…my father tells everyone he can about your [Texas Fireframe grate].  We’ve held a Thanksgiving dinner for the past 25 years – up to 50 people….If you could be so kind as to include a few business cards in my order I will be sure to place them next to the cranberry sauce.”
–S. Northman,  Buffalo, New York


“We have been extremely pleased with our Texas Fireframe grate, and have made converts of several of our friends who have seen it in action in our home. Lacking any central heating, we have relied on the grate to warm our living room over the past several years (including some very cold winters).”
–J. Pines, East Hampton, New York


“My parents live in upstate New York about 15 miles from the Canadian border and have owned a Texas Fireframe [grate] for over 25 years …The device is a fabulous invention! In upstate New York home heating is an extremely serious business. The Texas Fireframe [grate] makes starting fires extremely easy, in fact …the Texas Fireframe [grate] never failed to ignite the fire from the first match! Furthermore, the heat produced by the device was so dramatic that it wasn’t uncommon to comfortably wear shorts and t-shirts when sitting by the fireplace even in January and February.  I cannot comment enough on how well the device simply works! Truly, the only reason I have to order my parents a new Texas Fireframe [grate] is that after 25 years of use, they simply loved the device to its death and it finally wore out. Please accept my most sincere congratulations on producing an amazing device that truly has no comparable competition.”
–R. Rupp, Corpus Christi, Texas


“I am absolutely amazed at the ease with which a fire can be started and maintained. Although I have seen it happen, it appears incredible and places all other grates in obsolescence. Please send me three more.”
–W. Millberg, Ashtabula, Ohio


“I cannot believe how the Texas Fireframe performs. My house was 62 degrees when I came home yesterday afternoon. After lighting a fire, two hours later the house was 73 degrees, incredible! I couldn’t be happier with this product.”
–G. Truicko, Huntington, New York


“WOW, was I glad that I found you. Just put [a U-17] into my fire place, what a difference. The room is not that big, 14′ by 14.5, but can feel the heat in the whole room. This has got to be the best purchase for this fireplace ever! Thank you!!!!”
— H. Cummings, Millinocket, Maine


“I read your original article in Scientific American and immediately bought my Texas Fireframe [grate]. This was about 30 years ago. I would like to buy a new one, since this one has served well for 30 years. We burned a cord a year for 10 years, but in the last 10, it’s up to 2 cords a year.”
— F. Doyen, Weatherford, Texas


“Please send three 25 inch [Texas] Fireframe grates to me at the above address. Then I shall have five, one about twenty years old, the others quite new.”
— H. Townsend, Washington, District of Columbia


“Have had about four of your grates, since 1976, so I am in need of one NOW!
…My husband was a physics teacher and LOVED this grate…thought it was the work of a genius”
— C. Perkins, Bastrop., Texas


“We’re really excited about getting the Texas FIreframe grate. We used one
for many years (I found out about it in Scientific American) when we lived
in Virginia, but when we moved to California, our fireplace was too small to
fit the available grates. I was so happy to find out that you now make a
model small enough for us to use. I’m sure you’re very proud of your father
– he should get the Nobel Prize for making people comfortable!”
— Steve, Santa Cruz, California


“When I first heard of the concept those many years ago, I was intrigued. After using it, I have been impressed and everything operated as advertised.”
— C. Mengers, West Chester, Pennsylvania


“…I purchased a Texas Fireframe grate in 1999 and I have used it in my home every winter since then…. And it really does significantly increase the amount of heat that is actually transmitted into my home from the burning logs… You can use UNSPLIT logs. This is a major factor for me. The UNSPLIT logs can easily be lit with a few sheets of newspaper rolled up and placed in the center cavity between the logs… And a really good fire is heating your home in about 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes (or longer)…Over the years, I have burned up and replaced several of those cast iron grates… if you consider the replacement cost of a cast iron grate every few years, the cost of the Texas Fireframe grate is probably about the same as several cast iron grates over a 20 to 25 year time period….

I can personally verify that the statements made by Dr. Cranberg regarding the operation and efficiency of the Texas Fireframe grate are not overstated. A very comfortable fire can be started on the Texas Fireframe grate using UNSPLIT logs and a few sheets of newspaper. The resulting fire burns well and a significant amount of the heat from the fire enters the room and does not disappear up the chimney.

I have occasionally used split firewood, and that also does exceptionally well on the grate. The Texas Fireframe [grate] does a terrific job of helping to heat our home here in North Georgia during our cold winter months.”
–Robert Wayne Atkins, Georgia


“This will be my 5th [Texas Fireframe grate] purchase… This next one will be for my daughter.  You have a great invention.  I read about it in Time Magazine years ago and it has been keeping us warm all these years.  I hope your business continues to prosper and you continue to make [Texas Fireframte grates] for the world….Your product makes starting and feeding a fire easy.”
–T.  Pincu


“My family has enjoyed fantastic fires in our fireplace for the last 15 mid west winters in large part due to your absolutely wonderful fireplace grate!  We have ordered a second one for our home and look forward to many amazingly warm fires in the future. I grew up with a fireplace but have never experienced such great fires as those that are the result of your grate. Thanks for sharing your idea and grate with us and everyone who wants a warm winter fire.”
–Jess, Springfield, Illinois


“I ordered three 25 inch grates…My original grate appears to be holding up well. It has been used quite a bit the past two years. During the past two months we have had a fire in the fireplace from 6:00 AM until midnight on most days.”
–R. Jones, Willis, Texas


“Thank you for still selling the perfect grate!”
— L.Minkoff, Bethesda, Maryland


“We are using our 2nd Texas Fireframe grate and love it. We want to order one for a Christmas gift for a friend…We probably have fires 5 nights a week once it gets cool and finally wore out our first Texas Fireframe grate. We were so glad to find you still in business last year. Using it warms our den so that we can turn down our heat…”
–A. Schoenknecht


“I bought my first Texas Fireframe shortly after seeing the original Time
magazine article, and I’m now on my third. It’s made -10° (and one -20°)
winter nights positively comfortable. Guests are surprised by its
effectiveness, and family members almost demand a fire during winter visits.
–Tom G., Lawrence, Kansas


“I’m buying this for my son for Xmas and would like the dimensions. My husband and I used to have one years ago and LOVED it. This will make my son’s Christmas!!!!”


“…the results were fantastic. I could not believe how much heat comes into the room. It is the best fire I’ve ever made.”
–H. Randolph Jr., Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania


“My wife and I look forward to having another Texas [Fireframe] grate. The last one we had was in Charleston S.C. back in the 70’s.”
–D. Johnson


“…my [Texas Fireframe grate] has been keeping us warm on winter afternoons and evenings for twenty-five years, and it still shows no signs of fatigue whatever. So, sorry, it looks like I won’t be needing any more of them—all I can do is recommend them to my friends.”
— B. Leedom, Maryland


“…We hardly ever use our heating. We use our fireplace. The first time we had a fire on the Texas Fireframe grate, I used one match, some kindling and four pieces of wood. I thought well this is miraculous!”
— J. Edwinson, Austin, Texas


“Your Texas Fireframe performs very well indeed. It easily held the first floor of our house at 70 F – with 20 F outside – with no help from the central heating system.”
— C. Zvanut, Paoli, Pennsylvania


“It is easy to rebuild the fire-slot while the fire is going.”
–R. Keith, Olympia, Washington


“I am especially amazed at how rapidly the fire catches and disperses without kindling.”
—J.D. Barrier, Universal City, Texas

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Word of mouth is our best advertising. We thank our customers for spreading the word about our fireplace grates. Please tell us about your experiences with your Texas Fireframe grate. All log grates are welded steel.