Instructions for Texas Fireframe® grate


Place Texas Fireframe® grate in your fireplace with TALL uprights in FRONT. Push unit close to back of fireplace.

Operating Instructions

With the Texas Fireframe grate, you make a fire in a log “furnace” which directs heat toward the room. The furnace is created by logs which you assemble on Base B and Arms A.

Creating Log Furnace

1. Creating the “Log Furnace”

For best results, clean hearth and use seasoned wood. Logs can be split, unsplit or a combination.

a) Place largest log (5 to 10-inch diameter) on back of Base.

b) Place one or two smaller logs on Base. Place one or two smaller logs on Arms. Each log should make contact with adjoining log. Rotate for best contact if logs are curved.

Adjusting Arm Height

c) Adjust Arm height. Results will be best if your hand fits roughly in opening (about 3 inches). With poker, tap Arm from underneath at point C to move it up. Tap Arm on top at point D to move it down.

2. Starting the Fire

Roll newspaper sheet on diagonal into a tube; tie loosely into a knot. Make and insert 4 knots in furnace opening, with ends extending out to you. (OPTIONAL: Place two sticks of fatwood kindling on front lower log, beneath newspaper knots.) Ignite the four ends.

Newspaper Knots

3. Maintaining the Fire

Keep furnace compact, pressing logs together as they burn down. Lower front log will be consumed first, then top front log(s). When front logs burn out, flames are extinguished but heat continues to come from remains of log furnace. When front logs are replaced, watch and wait. They will ignite spontaneously!

When back log is consumed, put replacement on Arms and let it fall into position on base. To extend the life of the grate, keep coals out of contact with base by spreading coals and ashes on hearth.

4. Extinguishing the Fire

Disassemble furnace with poker and tongs. Separating logs will extinguish the fire. Standing logs upright against fireplace walls will extinguish it more quickly.

Experiment with your Texas Fireframe grate

If your wood is fully seasoned, you will discover that you can start the fire with just newspaper and no kindling. If your fire doesn’t start easily, try lowering Arms slightly to reduce size of opening in front. Ensure that adjoining logs are touching.

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