Introducing our new,

Extra Heavy Duty grates

For the majority of our customers, the regular weight Texas Fireframe grate ® suits their needs perfectly and lasts many years. Some customers report 20-30 years of use. But for those who like to have a hot fire going all day long or who build fires on a very regular basis, we’ve introduced a new, Extra Heavy Duty grate that will last 50% longer than our regular weight fire grate. The good news is, it’s not 50% heavier and does not cost 50% more.

We heavied-up only the three bars that eventually burn out after many years of use – the middle two “ribs” and the long back bar – so that lifting the extra heavy-duty Texas Fireframe grate won’t break your back and buying it won’t break the bank. The heavier ribs are barely distinguishable from the others, especially when the grate is loaded with wood. Visit our fireplace grate store to order our Extra Heavy Duty model, available in the same three sizes as our regular weight Texas Fireframe grate. (The Extra Heavy Duty option is available for custom grates too, if you have a fireplace that’s an unusual size or shape or is double-sided.)

To extend the life of your Texas Fireframe grate, remember to keep ashes from piling up in your fireplace. Ash build-up causes hot coals from the fire to be in contact with the steel bars instead of falling to the floor of the hearth. (Be sure to dispose of ashes in a metal can with a tight-fitting lid if you don’t have a trap door for ash removal in your fireplace.)

Our Extra Heavy Duty grate comes in three sizes.
See the heavier bars in our Compact grate below.


The center two ribs of all Extra Heavy Duty models are 50% heavier.

Viewing the Compact model from overhead, the back bar also has
50% more steel.