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The Texas Fireframe® grate is made in the U.S.A. of hot rolled steel, welded bars, and includes slip-on, height-adjustable, friction-locking arms. Fully-assembled. Instructions included.

Introducing our new Extra Heavy Duty Texas Fireframe® grate. In addition to our classic grate which lasts many years and suits the needs of the majority of our customers, we’re also offering an extra heavy duty grate which you can learn about here. By adding extra steel to just three bars, we’ve made the entire grate last 50% longer.  Click Extra Heavy Duty grate for more information.

Both our standard grate and our Extra Heavy Duty grate come in three sizes; our Standard grate fits almost all fireplaces. Select the size that fits your fireplace. If you’re unsure, give us a call. We’d be glad to advise. The depth of your fireplace should be at least three inches greater than the depth of the grate you choose.

Compatible with most gas lighters. Generous 3 ½ inches of clearance beneath all 3 models.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed or you can return the Texas Fireframe grate for any reason within 30 days. (Refunds are for invoiced amount, less shipping. Guarantee excludes custom orders.)

Shipping time is usually 1-3 days to eastern states and 6-8 days to western states (unless you contact us and request a shipping upgrade for faster delivery). Sales tax added in Texas and Connecticut.

Shipping cost is a flat rate for all 50 states. See cost by clicking on “Add to Cart” below.  Your grate arrives unboxed via U.S. Post Office. By eliminating a box and packing materials, we’re kinder to the environment.

Custom Orders: You can special order a Texas Fireframe grate as small as 12″ deep or as large as 50″ wide. We make deeper grates for two-sided fireplace.



Our new add-on finials turn the uprights on your grate into elegant andirons. Both styles fit every size grate. If you already own a Texas Fireframe grate, you can purchase finials only. Learn more about our finials here.

17 inch - Efficient Fireplace Grate


25 inch - Hotter Fire Grate


33 inch - Fireplace Grate


The U.S. Post Office must be able to deliver packages to the address you provide.

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Both finial styles fit all sizes of grates.

Mission finials add 2” to height of uprights

Tudor finials add 5” to height of uprights

Mission (1 pair)




Tudor (1 pair)




Compact grate

18” wide in front, 14 1/4” deep,

13” wide in back, 13” high. 19 lbs.

(Extra heavy duty: 22 lbs.)

For small fireplaces using logs

12 to 18 inches long





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Compact SL grate (Shallower, Lower)

18” wide in front, 11 1/4” deep,

13” wide in back, 12” high. 17 lbs.

(Extra heavy duty: 20 lbs.)

For standard fireplaces using logs

12 to 18 inches long

Compact SL



Standard grate

26” wide in front, 14 1/4” deep,

21” wide in back, 15” high. 27.5 lbs.

(Extra heavy duty: 30 lbs.)

For standard fireplaces using logs

up to two feet long





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Large grate

34” wide in front, 16 1/4” deep,

29” wide in back, 15” high. 35.5 lbs.

(Extra heavy duty: 40 lbs.)

For large fireplaces using logs

up to three feet long





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Extra charge for customizing your grate in any size. Please contact us first to determine this cost.      


$10 Customization                 $20 Customization                      $40 Customization



Flat shipping/handling for all three fireplace grates:

(Compact is $25; Standard is $35; Large is $40.)

Flat rate for finials: $6/pair