Custom Fireplace Grates

Dr. Lawrence Cranberg, Research Physicist

There are a variety of reasons that a custom grate may be required. Custom work generally adds about a week to our usual shipping time, and the typical cost of custom work is $20 to $40. All custom fireplace grates are available in regular weight or Extra Heavy Duty.

Please contact us to discuss or order a custom grate. The photo on the right indicates which dimensions can be altered. Our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee excludes custom orders; however, we will work closely with you to ensure that your custom grate is the proper size to fit your fireplace and your wood supply.

1. Double-sided fireplaces (or see-through fireplaces):

Double-sided fireplaces that are at least 34” deep can accommodate two standard Texas Fireframe grates placed back-to-back. However, our usual recommendation is to have one custom grate made extra-deep to help fill the depth of your see-through fireplace. You would place the grate in the fireplace to face the room you use most. This gives you more heat on one side – while you still enjoy a fire from both sides. You may wish to consider a pair of log retainers for a grate used in a double-sided fireplace. See #7 below.

2. Altered depth:

If your fireplace is not quite deep enough to accommodate one of our grates, we can subtract up to two inches from the depth of our standard or compact grates and up to 3 inches from the depth of our large grate.

If your fireplace is very deep and you’d like to take advantage of that extra space, we can add to the depth. Adding 4”, for example, means adding another log – top and bottom – to your fire. (Also, see #5 below)

Note: Make sure that you have at least 3” of clearance between the front of your grate and the front of your fireplace.

3. Altered width:

If your fireplace is very wide, we can build a grate up to 50” in width. We recommend you have access to wood cut to length if you order a very wide grate.

You can alter the width of smaller grates too – for any reason. It’s up to you.

Please measure the back width as well as the front width of your fireplace. Note that the back width of every Texas Fireframe grate is 5” less than the front width.

4. Altered leg height for gas lighters, andirons or short fireplaces:

Longer legs: All of our grates provide 3.5” of clearance beneath them, which is sufficient room for most gas lighters. If you have a gas lighter that’s higher than 3.5”, we can lengthen the legs of your grate.

Shorter legs: If the height of your fireplace is less than 20” (from floor of fireplace to flu opening), you can decrease the overall height of your grate by taking up to two inches off the length of the legs.

5. Altered upright size:

We can shorten the uprights by up to two inches on the standard grate. We cannot shorten uprights on the compact grate.

6. Arm size

We will ensure that the size of the adjustable arms are the proper width and depth to accommodate your custom grate. However, you can provide specific input about these dimensions as well.

7. Log retainers

If your fireplace is very deep and you use unsplit logs, you may want to consider adding a pair of log retainers which will prevent a round, unsplit log from rolling off the back when placed on top of the lower back log. This is not a problem with most fireplaces since the back wall of the fireplace stops the log from rolling off. Log retainers may be necessary as an extra safety precaution for double-sided or see-through fireplaces, especially when using unsplit logs. Contact us for this and all custom modifications.

Dr. Lawrence Cranberg, Research Physicist